Sunday, April 10, 2011

04-09-11 T2 at SFO, San Francisco, CA

Saturday found Big Al drawing at another T2 event. This time it was a Community Open House.

I arrived early and set up my station. It seemed like minutes after I started the line was around 20 people deep.

I was well prepared with fresh chisel tip Sharpies and over 100 sheets of paper for my 3 hour stint.

The people who waited in my line were the best! I've drawn at many events over the years and there is almost always at least one over bearing or upset person in a crowd of that size, but I didn't see or hear anyone complain at all on Saturday.

I was listed on the website and printed material as: Quick Caricature Portraits by Big Al Lopez

I took a sampling of pics noting what number paper I was on so you could see the standard I set for my Quick Caricature Portraits.




drawn in the last hour

#104 - the final drawing of the event.

The final group of outstanding people!

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